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Structural Repair

Progressive infestation can result in structural damage. Termites eat wood for food and can with time, structurally weaken wooden framings and other structural supports. Other wood destroying insects can structurally damage wood. There are a variety of structural repairs available to choose from depending on the extent of damage to structural members.

Moisture related conditions in buildings promote fungus decay. Leaking plumbing fixtures, failing roofs, leaking masonry porches, and moisture behind stucco walls are typical causes of fungus infection. However, there are a variety of other moisture sources which could promote decay in a home.

Fungus damaged wood should be removed and replaced. Depending on the extent of damage repairs can be minimal or extensive. Building techniques vary depending on age of the structure, extent of damage, and the quality of materials. Some expertise is needed to reconstruct infected portions of a structure.

There are a wide variety of repairs and upgrades, which may be recommended for your home, based on the age of the structure, building techniques, and quality of maintenance. A good inspection report should help the homeowner evaluate the condition of the structure and determine needed repairs.

A Separated Report should help the consumer evaluate the urgency of recommended repairs. Section I repairs indicate damage relate to wood destroying organisms. Section II findings indicate conditions likely to lead to infestation and/or damage and can be thought of as preventative repairs.

Termite companies should do work with permits just as any general contractor.

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