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Tree Spraying

Your trees are an important landscape asset. Trees, like any other living organism, are vulnerable to parasites and disease. At certain times of the year you may need professional help to keep them attractive and healthy.

Gring Pest Control is the company that professional tree services call when tree diagnosis and treatment are needed. Both Davey Tree and Expert Tree Service use us to deal with tree infestation conditions found in the field.

For decades Gring has been treating tree problems in the greater Bay Area. Our tree spraying equipment is unrivaled in the industry. This guarantees a thorough application.

Consult the following list to assess your tree spraying needs.

Oak Trees: Pit Scale - January & February
Caterpillars - March thru May
Aphids, Blight, Scale - March thru August
Pine Trees: Borers & Beetles March thru October
Alder Trees: Flathead Borer - May
Ash Trees: Blight - March thru May
Bay Trees: Scale - Any Time
Elm Trees: Elm Leaf Beetle - June thru August
Sycamore Trees: Blight/Mildew - March thru May
Fruit Trees: Dormant Spray - Spring (after blossoms drop)
Olive Trees: Growth regulator to help prevent olive growth - approximately March
Juniper Bushes: Borers & Tipmoth - March thru July
Most Other Trees,
Shrubs, and
Ground Cover:
March thru September

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