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How can a homeowner identify structural pest damage and know what to do about it?
As a homeowner you have areas of expertise, but perhaps home inspection, maintenance, repair, and control of wood destroying conditions are not areas you are trained to deal with. Sometimes you need professional assistance to protect one of your most valued assets, your home. Gring's inspection and construction services are staffed with professionals who have inspected and repaired many structures thoughout the greater Bay Area.

Prior to any action a thorough inspection should be made of the structure. Proper identification of infestations and conditions must be made before a sensible recommendation can be made.

Occasionally a panicked homeowner or contractor may misdiagnosis a condition and set into motion a set of repairs or treatment, which are not necessary. On the other hand sometimes a significant condition is minimized and progressive structural damage is allowed to go on unchecked. It takes accurate information to make intelligent decisions. A Structural Pest Control Report can provide that important information.

Findings and Recommedations
Findings indicate observations and conditions noted. Recommendations will indicate the action to be taken.

Recommendations vary depending on the nature of the finding. Some findings are purely informational and require no action to be taken. Other findings point out to the homeowner areas requiring maintenance. Occasionally findings indicate the need for professional help. These findings tend to fall into two categories: Treatment and Structural Repairs.

Treatments: Treatments are typically done for wood destroying insects and certain types of fungus growth.

Structural Repairs: Progressive infestation can result in structural damage.

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