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Treatments for Wood Destroying Insects

Insecticides are used to control structural pest activity within structures. The product use will vary based on insect and area of infestation.

Typical Insects and their Treatment
  • Subterranean Termites - Liquid termiticide applied in the soil around foundations and drilled and pressure treated below slabs.
  • Drywood Termites - Tarp and Fumigate structures or injection treatment into known colony areas.
  • Powder Post Beetles - Tarp and fumigate the structure or topically apply a beetlecide.
  • Carpenter Ants - Locally treat with insecticide and treat property.
Treatments for Wood Destroying Fungus

The primary approach to fungus growth is to remove the fungus-infected wood. However, it is not uncommon to treat fungus-affected wood. There are a variety of fungicides used to help control and protect against fungus.

An experienced licensed Branch III Pest Control Operator should do all treatments. All treatments should be properly documented.

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